With the successful sale of Accent Edgewood, Westplan scores a “hat trick” in the city of Nashville. After having previously successfully developed and sold two multifamily projects, Accent Metrocenter and Accent Bellevue, Westplan recently added a third project to the list.

Investors made an IRR of 44% and an equity multiple of 2.39 in a period just over two years.

Nashville is increasingly attracting new businesses and people. This translates into a continued high level of demand for rental housing from both tenants and institutional buyers.

The success of the project is partly due to its close proximity to the new Major League Soccer (MLS) stadium which just opened. The developments around the brand new stadium have accelerated growth in the entire neighborhood and made the Wedgewood Houston area a great place to live and work.

Westplan Sells Accent Edgewood in Nashville