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This year, Westplan is developing over 1,500 multifamily units in the economically strong and fast-growing cities of the southeastern U.S. Charlotte, Nashville, Atlanta and Raleigh.
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The demand for well-rented complexes continues to expand. Westplan successfully sells four different complexes, with a total of 900 rental properties, to institutional investors. View our publication over 2019

Westplan sold a large part of its portfolio over the last 4 years and now owns a stabilized portfolio of 5,088 apartments. The average historical return to investors on sold apartment projects is 17% p/yr.

Brad Johnson joins Westplan. Westplan owns and manages 8,300 apartment units and 750,000 sf of retail and office investments. To date it has invested in 15,000 apartment units and realized an 18% IRR on sold assets.

Rob Carter joins Westplan. First institutional fund of $100 million was formed for multifamily investments. To date Westplan has raised $245 million since 1995 and has $145 million under management.

Robert Klok joins Westplan.

Westplan opens its U.S. office in Jacksonville, Florida and has three projects under management.

Ewoud Swaak forms Westplan Bouwadviseurs in the Netherlands to develop urban residential projects.

This year Westplan will develop 2,700 multifamily units in the southeastern US.

Although the COVID-19 virus has caused additional restrictions in many cities and industries, the leasing velocity and financial operations of our apartment projects continue to remain solid. In Q4 2020 Westplan has 1,308 Class A apartments under development.  In 2020 we’ve sold 919 apartment units.
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Westplan currently manages equity of $240 million in a portfolio of 14 apartment projects totaling 3,360 units.
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First time in its 23-year history that over 2,000 apartment units have been sold with excellent returns for its investors and partners.

The Ellis Savannah, Georgia

Westplan brings development capability in-house and starts construction on two projects.

Completed the recapitalization of the majority of its apartment portfolio by raising $75 million in additional equity and over $200 million in new debt for 13 projects.

Taco Ulrich joins Westplan. Ewoud Swaak moves to the U.S. and relocates the office to Atlanta, Georgia.

Westplan Bouwadviseurs is sold (completed 27 projects between 1994 and 2000). Westplan solely focuses on U.S. investments and has 10 projects and $17 million under management.

Westplan invests in its first U.S. residential development project in Athens, Georgia with a select group of high networth individuals.

61Finished Projects
1.68xCash on Cash
15%Av. IRR p/y
$1,9 BillionInvestedSinceStart
29 YearsActive
18,158Apartments Built