Apple’s recent announcement to establish a campus in Raleigh will further strengthen the region’s growth. Apple will invest over USD 400 million in the campus which will focus on artificial intelligence.

Research Triangle Park
RTP is a successful public-private partnership between three of the city’s major universities, government and industry. Its 7,000 acres has now become one of the largest concentrations of biotech companies in the US.

The new project that Westplan will build near RTP called Accent Brier Creek, will consist of 222 multi-family apartments. The project’s equity of USD 14.8M has been privately placed with Dutch private investors.

Westplan plans to expand its portfolio significantly in the next few years. In 2021 the company plans to start 4 new multi-family developments and has several more planned to start in 2022.

Developing new multi-family communities 
Westplan continues to focus on developing new multi-family communities and will further expand its portfolio this year. The successful sale of over 900 multi-family units in 2020 in Atlanta, Nashville and Athens during the COVID-19 pandemic confirms the confidence that investors and buyers have in well located multi-family projects. The demographics and economic growth of our target markets in the Southeastern US support our thesis to continue to actively develop quality multi-family housing.